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There were over 8,000,000 computers stolen in the USA in the last three years.
Worldwide statistics are proportionally similar.The epidemic of computer theft has reached historic proportions According to the FBI, only 3% of unprotected (those that do NOT use a software tracking and recovery software) stolen computers are EVER recovered You don't have to be a victim!

Locate Missing Computers

What do you do if your computer is lost or stolen?
Is it smart enough to tell you where it is?

It is, if it has PC PhoneHome™ or MacPhoneHome™ inside. PC PhoneHome™
and MacPhoneHome™ are the best selling stand-alone Computer Tracking and Recovery software products on the market. We protect your laptops, desktops and tablets from theft...

Our award winning software products are internationally recognized as
"Best of Brand."

Android PhoneHome™ protects your Android Tablet and Phone from theft.

Our products are MADE IN THE USA by American programmers!

Our software products allow for the quick location and retrieval of your valuable
property. Prevents loss of expensive equipment and intellectual property.
Highly Tamperproof - Cannot be removed by unauthorized parties

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PC PhoneHome

PC PhoneHome

PC PhoneHome

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